Inspired by sugar …

Вдохновляясь сахаромWhen you and I hear that sugar is one of the most beloved and popular products under the sun, we feel these words mean volumes. Indeed, sugar is important for our life and very different in its use.


A sugarless cup of tea or coffee in the morning is just unthinkable to so many of us. The same way with medicine, cosmetics, heavy industry that would be hardly doing without this product.
It might surprise someone, still even the picturing art in its turn couldn’t pass by of the sugar. The Chinese tradition of caramelized sugar drawings is deep-rooted in Ming Dynasty. At the time sugar figures of animals were prepared for sacrifices rituals. Under the Qing Dynasty caramel drawing technique had become very popular and the method had been perfected. Nowadays, the art is the most revered in the Chinese province of Sichuan and is still amazing. All a master needs for drawing are: sugar, a marble plaque and a spoon. The main difficulty in picturing such masterpieces is lack of time - hot caramel is too quick to harden. Once sugar melt, the artist takes care pouring a thin unbroken stream on the marble surface – and the picture is shaping through... After it hardens, master lifts it with a thin and large blade. Before going into caramel drawing, the artist should have been experienced in traditional brush-and-pencil painting. Admired are those rare few, who, thanks to their artistic skills, offer to public caramelized visual forms, which are breathtaking/