Stevioside (E960) is a glycoside from an extract of Stevia plants. It is isolated in 1931.

It is a natural high-intensity sweetener. Stevioside has the property of thermal stability and acid resistance, it readily dissolves in water.

To its properties, which are positive for diabetics and those who are in the process of losing weight, include:

  • Stabilization of glucose levels in the body.
  • Reduction of fat mass due to a decrease in the total amount of calories consumed.
  • Prevent the emergence of insulin resistance, which is due to an excess of the hormone in the blood in the absence of cell capacity. The process is caused by a decrease in the amount of sugar that enters the body.
  • Strengthening of local and general immunity. These properties of stevioside have not been conclusively proven, research is currently underway.
  • Reduction of blood pressure after taking a sweetener.
  • Harmless to tooth enamel due to the complete absence of carbohydrates in the composition.
  • Reduction in the number of low-density lipoproteins.
  • Kupirovanie inflammatory processes in tissues and organs.
  • Restore the properties of cell regeneration, the disturbances of which usually cause diabetes mellitus.
  • Normalization of metabolism, withdrawal of excess fluid, removal of puffiness.

The substance has also corrective qualities: it participates in the elimination of the fat layer. However, with all its advantages, it is impossible not to mention the significant drawbacks of the product:

  • Difficulties in determining the required single dose due to increased sweetness indicators.
  • With excessive consumption can lead to bloating, flatulence.

Because of its properties, it has gained wide popularity in the production of beverages, sweets and chewing gum, baked goods, cereal breakfasts, yoghurts, ice cream, toothpastes and mouthwash, as a table sweetener.