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Maltitol Maltitol

Used in the production of sweets without sugar - sweets, chewing gum, chocolate, baked goods and ice cream

Isomaltulose Isomaltulose

Manufacture of sports and energy drinks, beverages that replace food, nutritious and "energy" bars, as well as cereal breakfasts

Polydextosis Polydextosis

Polydextrose is a low molecular weight polysaccharide of glucose. It has many functional properties inherent in other carbohydrates, the drug itself is not sweet.

Inulin Inulin

Prebiotic is added to sour-milk products, food for children, bakery products, sweets

Isomalt Isomalt

Used as confectionery sugar for making desserts and sweets.

Maltodextrin Maltodextrin

Used as a filler, thickener, preservative, as well as to improve the taste and create a smooth texture