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Sweets in brief

  When you and I hear sugar is one of the most beloved and popular products under the sun, we feel these words mean volumes. Indeed, sugar is important  for our live and very different in its use.     Each country leaves different taste memories: chocolate and cheese  – Switzerland, cognac  - France, waffles -Belgium …
  … To occupy the leisure hours, which the tenants of Granite House now had at their disposal, Cyrus Smith undertook an operation which could be performed indoors.     In 2013, the Czech Republic celebrated a memorable event - the 170-th anniversary of the first sugar cube (lump sugar), produced by Czech scientist and entrepreneur Jacob Christoph Rad.
  Still, we all come from childhood ... Gingerbread House with little sugar windows; beautiful castles, mysterious towers and ... errant knights ... every one of us had a fabulous fantastic world of his own.      Recent decades have brought to mankind particularly swift changes:  automation in industries and agriculture is in a full growth, buildings and houses equipped with smart conveniences, services and utilities and etc … All this almost zeroed people’s "energy waists".
  The older you get, the less you want to be involved in cheap intrigue, caused scenes and tantrums ... One longs just for a cozy house, a delicious dinner, a person who feels certain about  that much sugar in your coffee.     Cocktails are popular all over the world. They are a "must" attribute in club life, they accompany variety of entertainments, and home parties.
  In many cuisines of the world duck dish is a traditional one but Beijing Duck is the most famous specialty of Chinese culinary art.