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End products

We offer a wide range of sugar products. They are derived from 100% natural sugar cane, grown in the broiling sun. For more than a decade, we have been offering a chance to our Russian customers to enjoy both - Demerara sugar delicate aroma and smooth taste and we are proud of it. Those who have been familiar with our crystal sugar line and have appreciated it at a true worth its genuine pure taste.

Our company sweeteners will still keep to "sweet world" all those followers who, for whatever reason, decided to ignore sugar in their everyday life. We could offer you a variety of different recipes that leave sugar out of the diet and make you use a low calorie plates.


Quality Control and management


Partners are sharing the purpose and the way addressing of their problems. Both is consolidating and contributing to the success. The "Sladkii Mir" ("Sweet World") company is somewhat more than a mere exotic sugar and sweeteners supplier. In fact, we are reliable and responsible partner for you. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, safety and ecology. We have developed and implemented the concept of food safety and quality management. These ideas are very helpful to identify and remove potential failures and its risks throughout our product delivery chain – starting with raw materials procurement to the consumer end point.


The company "Sladkii Mir" is promoting your  business  to success thanks for:


  • high quality and product purity
  • food and systemic management safety
  • control transparency
  • risk management
  • crisis management
  • holistic and systemic management
  • end product social conformity  to large consumer  masses
  • environment friendly producing
  • reliable logistics support