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“SLADKII MIR” LTD has started its operating in 2004.

Our target set was to expand quality products offer to Russian firms using sugar and sweeteners in their production.

We are busy with pre-packing and packing of food products. Our reputation of reliable partner to many more entities is based on a strong sugar and sweeteners operating skills gained. It is just food products quality offered by the company that has always been and still remains our priority.  With this in mind, we are regularly updating technological equipment and modernizing available production lines. Actually all production capacities, premises, material and processes, as well as staff living conditions are meeting the HACCP requirements. This contributes an accomplishing in time whatever client’s order. Long run relations with packaging and spare parts suppliers and maintenance schedule timely completing are both concurring to non-stop productive operation.

The staff is steady kept trained and requalified.

  • ecology;
  • reliable suppliers of best sugars and sweeteners from around the world;
  • wide range offering to various consumers of our production (from product supplying to packaging);
  • matching modern standards in product and packaging.

We have attracted significant investment into growing our production facilities and have launched unique product lines. There is a professional group of Company’s researchers involved in new products development which are based on sugar and sugar substitutes.

We would offer you cooperation scheme the most adequate to the volume of production asked and the most optimal in its specific packaging. Supplying our bulk dry products, we’re always practicing an individual approach for each and every client.

Quality control

We consider extremely important a quality that sugars and sugar substitutes have. This is the reason we choose only reliable suppliers and only their best raw materials for every our product. Raw materials and end products quality control is provided only by prequalified and accredited laboratories. Materials selection is based on stringent and time proven quality parameters of State standards requirements. Under steady monitoring are all important factors affecting the products (storage temperature, humidity and etc.). This contributes the production to be kept in all its quality.
Our products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients. All end products meet the sanitary regulations, standards and Customs Union Technical Regulations. This is proved by relevant conformity certificates.

The company is regularly audited by the European audit firms (such as SGS) at the request of our customers.


Our company logistics scheme is well-adjusted to supply "just in time" our customers with sugar and sweeteners using both the marine, rail and road transport.